Top 22 Digital Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2022

Branding Insider Strategy is a site that features articles from some of the most impactful thought leaders working in the field of branding today. Features focus on a wide range of in-depth topics, such as brand psychology, innovative positioning techniques, and beneficial insight into customer experience. The blog goes beyond news and editorials by providing helpful checklists, resource lists, and valuable how-tos. If you’re looking for good financial advice written in a quirky funny tone, Mr. Money Mustache is your guy. He claims to be more of a general life engineer than a financial guy, but he did manage to retire in his 30s. His posts on his personal blog will have you laughing as you learn.

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The Design Blog offers plenty of inspiration for any brand management or marketing pro. Posts include crisp images detailing the evolution of brands’ packaging and overarching design identities. You’ll never get bored reading The Design Blog, as each day of the week has its own themes in addition to the regular daily inspiration.

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This list of influential brands, with context, proves a strong starting point. Marketing Land reports on this relationship and more, ensuring that your content strategy fits in the palm of your target consumer’s hand. If brevity is the soul of wit, then Seth Godin is the wittiest man in marketing. Featuring short, highly digestible posts, Godin frequently dives into marketing life lessons that would benefit marketers of any age or skill level. For many marketers, a predominantly aesthetic perspective conflicts with data interpretation.

marketing blogs

She loves good food, good company and makes her recipes adaptable and personable. The best personal cooking blogs take you beyond the recipes and let you get to know the bloggers and in some cases their families. Sign up for our free newsletter to receive expert tips and email inspiration every two weeks. Influencer marketing in its truest form has been around for quite some time. In fact, one of the earliest acknowledged influencer collaborations was in the 1760s, when Wedgewood made a tea set for the wife of King George III . Listen to The Fast Traack to accelerate your influencer marketing knowledge.

Articles:6 Reasons Nobody Reads Your Blog

We can look deep into customer profiles, attribute acquisition to specific activities, and meet customers wherever they are. He is also the founder of a successful photography blog, Digital Photography School. Since their launch, they have achieved great success, with over 5 million readers, 25,000+ comments, and over 3.5 million shares across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By opting in, you agree to receive daily alerts via email about the latest Content Marketing news and insights. While the last update was published June 2011, this continues to be a popular list.

You will find big brands case studies, the latest digital marketing news, information about online marketing events, and sessions. Contentology – Focuses on everything content, from how to create a visual storytelling strategy, to social content, and content marketing tools. ClickZ – Interactive marketing news and information from search to social to technology. ClickZ offers advice for content marketers to do their jobs better.

In conclusion, if there is a bad customer experience, users will not only refuse to return but will also influence others not to buy from you. So designing the best possible strategy with tools like the experience map could be the key to improving your customers’ experience with your company. These are some of the advantages offered by having this type of resource at hand. If you want to see your customers’ emotions about your company improve, bet on creating a customer experience map.

BuzzSumo – This allows you to see popular and trending content to help in your content creation and helps you find the most popular channels for content types and find top influencers in your area. This will also help to drive the global trend of personalization and provide opportunities using new technologies such as machine learning and AI. Most of the time, B2B marketing is driven by logical purchasing decisions, while B2C marketing focuses on emotion-driven purchasing decisions. There is often an overlap between the two types but the difference is significant. As a renowned content creator, speaker, and trainer, Mandy has been named a Top 24 B2B Marketer by LinkedIn, a Top 12 SEO Expert by Search Engine Journal, and a Top 20 Female Marketer by G2. She’s the creator of 8+ marketing courses and founder of an Inc-rated Facebook group.

With our free trial, you can enjoy all the features and benefits of our email marketing services without risk and commitment. Surveys are a great way to collect customer feedback and learn more about your audience. With VerticalResponse, you can easily create mobile-friendly surveys that are compatible with all devices. Our surveys are easy to create and can be customized to fit your needs. To make the most of your business marketing efforts, use Advanced Reporting to analyze, customize, and see great results.

All posts published by Moz provide real value and have relevant actionable insights. Moz blog covers all the details regarding SEO in the right amount of detail, making the content understandable without becoming too overwhelming. They are designed to increase traffic, drive conversions, and help users get the most out of these platforms. Their article on Everything You Need to Write a Marketing Plan (+ Examples) discusses various marketing plans and outlines steps you need to take when writing a marketing plan.

Smart Insights offers wonderful actionable marketing advice based on analytical data to help ensure you make the most out of your digital marketing channels. Jim Connolly designs his blog to help small business optimize their marketing strategy to increase sales and boost their profit. His entries vary in length, from short inspirational posts to detailed how-to’s. His site is broken down into categories and archived by month, making it easy to find your desired article.

Maybe you wrote a marketing plan to include your business plan when you first launched your business…but that was years ago. Perhaps you’re preparing to start a business and need a marketing plan. Or maybe you never wrote a marketing plan and are marketing by the seat of your pants.

Or, you can also view the entire list of articles by most recent date. Social Media Examiner is one social media blog you don’t want to miss. They’ve been writing about the latest trends and strategies for years, and their expertise has only grown in scale and scope over time. Visit this blog to learn about anything from mastering Instagram stories to designing your own action-driven Pinterest board. You won’t find these details boring as their intriguing and witty writing style uses many metaphors and fun similes that will definitely hook you. Marketing Profs features a comprehensive, searchable database of articles that analyze marketing strategy.

On the other hand, lawyers have to be very careful not to divulge sensitive information. Stay on top of the latest rehab therapy tips, trends, and best practices with our weekly blog digest. Direct-to-patient marketing is a must in today’s digital- and convenience-driven world. Your school can select any events that contribute to its marketing goals and mark these events as conversions.

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