15 Best B2b Marketing Blogs Each Entrepreneur Should Follow

Matthew Royse created Knowledge Enthusiast in 2011 as a platform for sharing his knowledge on marketing. His blog encompasses a wide range of marketing topics and is not restricted to product or brand marketing. The articles include marketing hacks, interview skills, and writing tips. If your blog isn’t performing well, think beyond the content itself. Combine these UX ideas and blog design tips with your own brand identity.

You’ll find deep dives on every kind of dynamic email, especially for ecommerce and retail brands. Tyler understands the scope of content marketing, having worked with big companies taking them to 6 figures in revenues. Copywriting is a skill that you will eventually have yo learn, one way or another.

Not only does Distributive Advertising offer tons of digital marketing services, but it also regularly shares its knowledge with the world — entirely for free. Head to the site’s blog for a nice collection of articles on topics such as creating a successful social media campaign and designing great holiday marketing. The site has a helpful resources space with tons of helpful information for marketers on topics ranging from YouTube marketing to how to improve your retail game. It also features a handy guide to help you quickly find blog posts and articles relevant to your industry. HubSpot offers a range of “hubs” — each of which is dedicated to meeting a specific segment of business needs — from marketing to operations. The company provides integrated inbound marketing strategy development tools via its CMS that help businesses increase engagement, leads, and return on investment.

Unlike Instagram, Snapchat allows you to post links in your stories, making it easier to direct traffic when your blog posts go live. Write quality work when you post to Medium, but don’t worry about writing long-form articles that take up a lot of time or resources. I always recommend focusing on only one or two social media platforms, and for my blog Instagram isn’t the place that I’ve put most of my focus. Twitter and YouTube are a better fit for me, but that doesn’t mean Instagram is without its benefits. In my video, I share 60 niche blog ideas that have proven demand .

Startup Bonsai shares the marketing advice small business owners need to level the playing field and flourish in competitive niches. Founded by Danny Sullivan over 20 years ago, SearchEngineWatch provides news articles, guides, reviews and commentary about Search, PPC, Social, Mobile, Analytics and more. Founded by Adam Connell in 2012, Blogging Wizard shares in-depth advice you can use to market your blog and profit from your content. The Marketing blog provides UK marketing and advertising news, opinion and feature commentary. Written by Will Corry, it provides insightful, informed no-holds-barred commentary on the state of advertising and media. Sports marketing and public relations blog is written by Joe Favorito.

Be it strategy, lead generation, or even software hosting, this blog addresses how marketers can greet consumers with an endearing aesthetic and intuitive user interface. Authored by company thought leaders from around the world, The Red Papers address topics spanning from the unwritten rules of digital marketing to appraising brand worth. These authors are more than bloggers; they’re the best in the business.

Great Examples Of Welcome Emails For New Customers & Employees

The site covers all things SEO in great depth, with plenty of supporting research, and is always based on relevant data. Boasting over 600 reviews and thorough guides, Quick Sprout is a matchless marketing authority. When you pick a specific category, the site cross-references additional material you might find useful and suggests it immediately on the page. This kind of content categorization helps even the least experienced marketers leverage the platform, while experts can also discover new topics while saving time. This site, however, surpasses the reach of just another content-focused blog.

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61% of consumers say they prefer retailers with AR experiences. For example, buying frames for specs online can be extremely challenging as it needs to be perfectly suitable for each individual based on the shape of their faces. Top optical brands has adapted AR technologies that help customers make the right choices. With the increase in mobile AR users, the number of online retail users has also increased. On average, at least 30% of all products ordered online are returned, as compared to 8.89% in brick-and-mortar stores.

However, there are times when a multi-author platform works best, and this is what you see on Search Engine Watch . In the early days of your blog, before it gains traction, you may be the only writer. Heck, this strategy can generate results even after you hit it big. Broaden your scope to keep your content calendar full and to avoid boring your audience. By taking a broad approach to your niche, but without losing focus, there is always more to be said.

The Top 45 Digital Marketing Articles For 2022

But if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that you can’t count on the past to predict the future. Here are nine major types of copywriting you can use for your next marketing strategy. SEJ compiles the best SEO and content marketing minds for the rest of us to admire. Using your own data like this is a great way to put a unique tilt on common topics like business email.

The clean-cut layout makes it easier to navigate, with featured articles displayed right at the top. Readers can easily find the latest articles under “What’s New in the Blog? Jason Hall created Five Channels with the intention of telling his clients everything they didn’t know about marketing.

Our community has not only been the backbone of our blog, but also the backbone of our business. It’s almost entirely thanks to the amazing people who contribute on Moz that we have the business and the community we have today. People found our content, helped it spread, and introduced new readers and contributors to our work. That pattern, over the course of the last decade, has made Moz into what you see today. Every marketer knows that strong brand messaging takes some TLC https://google.ml/url?q=https://onthevergewriting.com/ .

Founded by content marketing advocate Joe Pulizzi and boasting a vast network of contributors, the CMI tackles content marketing and related subjects from all possible angles. Expect to find inspiration, best practices, tutorials, and more on all types of content, from blogs to graphics to videos. Gael and Mark are the brains behind this content marketing blog, podcast, and YouTube channel, where they dive into the details behind successful affiliate and display ad sites. The main topics include SEO and SEM tips, content creation, using different marketing channels, industry news, and more. The blog shares their startup journey including inspiring case studies, as well as topics such as increasing conversions, content strategy for course creators, and much more.

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