The 1st Massachusetts Cavalry mustered out of service on June 29, 1865 and was discharged at Readville on July 24, 1865. The monument to the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry is south of Gettysburg on the east side of Sedgwick Avenue. It is about 160 yards north of Wheatfield Road next ro the equestrian monument to Major General Sedgwick.

Moreover there was incessant musketry firing from the place where he had left the infantry, indicating an attack upon them, and he thought best to withdraw and go to their support. Fought more fiercely than in those last days of the struggle. The Army of the James instantly changed Alcoholism direction in pursuit. Lee’s objective point became evident, and General Ord determined to destroy the bridge, if it were possible to accomplish this, before Lee could reach it. Richmond and Petersburg were evacuated on the third of April, General Lee moving swiftly toward Amelia.

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He must have performed well, as he was promoted to corporal prior to Stoneman’s Raid in May 1863. Thomas didn’t serve long after the end of the war. Following the Appomattox eco sober house boston campaign, the regiment was sent to Pleasant Valley, MD to recruit and re-fit. As the regiment prepared to head west to the frontier, he deserted on July 23, 1866.

He apparently didn’t inform his former company of his intentions, as the records of the 42nd NY show him as deserting the regiment on November 5, 1862 at Warrenton, VA. The following spring the 15th MA was assigned to the II Corps and accompanied the rest of the Army of the Potomac to the peninsula. The regiment fought at Seven Pines, Savage’s Station, and Glendale with modest losses.

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Regiment lost during service 7 Enlisted men killed and 116 Enlisted men by disease. The desk used by the Confederate President was in disorder and everything indicated a hasty departure. I returned to my company, and we were kept busy in restoring order. Soon our troops began to pour into the city and order reigned.

To make the experience worse, his enlistment expired on July 29, 1864, but he wasn’t exchanged and released from service until February 13, 1865. The 3rd Wisconsin was a very active unit during the first year of the war. Their first engagement was a skirmish with forces under Turner Ashby on Bolivar Heights on October 16, 1861. They fought in the Shenandoah Valley in the spring of 1862, and at Cedar Mountain in August. The battle of Antietam was particularly hard on the regiment, fighting near the Cornfield.

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He did not return home to Massachusetts, and his first wife Hattie remarried to Frank A. Cross in Northbridge, MA on August 6, 1868. Private Wathey quickly completed the training and rejoined the regiment. He spent the winter rotating off and on picket duty along the Rappahannock River. Cavalry life evidently agreed with him, as he was promoted to corporal before spring campaigning started. In Aug. 1862, eco sober house cost Edmund Miles enlisted in the 41st Massachusetts Infantry and shipped out to Louisiana. The 41st Infantry was changed into the 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry in June 1863, and Miles served in Company F. He fought in many battles, including the Siege of Port Hudson and the Red River Campaign. He was seriously wounded in the leg at the Battle of Cedar Creek on 19 Oct. 1864 and spent many months in the hospital.

He joined the regiment almost immediately, and by July and August was assisting with recruiting duties in the Franklin and Butler counties of Pennsylvania. Service in this regiment was a bit quieter than he was accustomed to, principally guarding Confederate officer prisoners on Johnson’s Island, Ohio. He mustered out with his regiment at Camp Chase, Ohio on July 13, 1865. On the 1890 veteran’s schedule, Thomas listed his service as a sergeant in Company H, 2nd U.S. When he applied for a disability pension on July 25, 1892, he again cited service the wrong regiment and omitted his desertion.

2 Companies on duty at Hilton Head, S.C., June to November 1864. March to Charleston January 15-February 23, 1865. Potter’s Expedition to Camden, S.C. April 5–25.

Sober House Directory is a helpful starting place to find a recovery home and includes listings for sober houses, recovery residences, structured group homes, and other sober living for men and women in recovery. A detail from my squadron went to Lynchburg one afternoon with General Gibbons returning in the night. When the arrangements of paroling the Confederate army were complete and General Lee was at liberty to depart from his army, an order came from army headquarters for a detail of cavalry to escort General Lee from his lines.

Lieutenant Colonel Crownin­shield now became colonel, Major Forbes, lieutenant colonel, and Captain Rumery, major. During the rest of the fall the regiment was active in the lower valley, and the close of the year found it in camp on the Front Royal road a few miles south of Winchester. Late in February, 1865, it left the Valley and proceeded eco sober house ma to join the Army of the Potomac before Petersburg. Outpost and scouting duty north and east of Richmond occupied the regiment until the last of March. On March 31, and April 1 the 2d Cavalry was sharply engaged at Dinwiddie Court House and Five Forks, losing on the 31st Lieutenant Munger killed, and Lieutenants Papanti and Thompson wounded.

He was a prisoner of war at Belle Isle until he was exchanged November 30, 1863. After a brief stay in Annapolis, Maryland, he returned to the regiment for duty at Cavalry Corps headquarters during the winter of 1863. He fought in the opening battles of the spring 1864 campaign before his enlistment expired on June 25, 1864, two weeks after the battle of Trevillian Alcoholism in family systems Station. On May 25, 1861 Thomas was one of 64 men from Northbridge who enlisted in Company H, 15th Massachusetts Infantry. The regiment mustered into Federal service on July 12, 1861 and moved to Washington the following month. On October 21st the regiment saw its first action at Ball’s Bluff and suffered the heaviest losses of any of the Union regiments engaged.

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